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42 years of this festival in Ajijic, Mexico. This is the most important annual fund-raising event at Lakeside.

New Year's parade in Ajijic-2020!

Day of the Dead Parade

02 de Noviembre, día para celebrar la memoria y la presencia de los muertos familiares que regresan a casa para estar con sus parientes y nutrirse de las ofrendas que se les han dedicado.

Nov. 2nd, this is the day that we remember the souls of lost loved ones, and it is believed that they travel here to visit the living realm.


The CCA has been opening its doors to the Ajijic community for 14 years, always offering many art activities varying from youth classical music concerts to puppet presentations, to numerous plays, as well as rotating visual art exhibitions. This center always has something to offer the community.
Besides their ongoing special events which are always different to keep it diverse, this center also offers a set weekly schedule with different classes and craft workshops. 

San Antonio Tlayacapan

Beautiful San Antonio Tlayacapan!
Enjoy this video!
This peaceful town is located between Chapala and Ajijic, it keeps the culture and traditions of the town. You can find it as the ideal place to live and retire.

Feria del Globo, Ribera Chapala 2019

On May 10, 11 and 12 was held the first edition of Feria del Globo, Ribera Chapala 2019 (Hot air balloon event). The event took place in the Parque de La Cristiana in Chapala next to Lake Chapala.

Enjoy this wonderful video!!!

Dia de la Cruz in Ajijic

On this date (May 3), people adorn the crosses with colorful ribbons and flowers. The altars, the custom of "passing the cross" to another family, the feast of the bricklayers and the oldest crosses, are part of the tradition of Ajijic on this day of the cross. A day of music and beautiful tradition, a holiday!

Feria de la Capirotada in Ajijic

The V Feria De la Capirotada was on Saturday 6 April, at the Malecon in Ajijic.
Capirotada is a sweet dessert made during lent. It had many varieties, made with birote bread, sugar, raisens, cinnamon, cheese, and many secret ingredients.

Prehispanic Dance in Ajijic - Festival Sangre Viva

On the days 29, 30 y 31 of March the “Cultural Live Blood Festival” took place for the 6th occasion.
The cultural encounter that for five occasions has been presented in this location took place in the main plaza (town square) of this beautiful town of Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico.
The main objective of this encounter is to endear the cultural manifestation of our ancestors to the citizens so that they can get to know and appreciate the great variety and cultural elements that have prevailed throughout time. As well as to publicize the Toltec philosophy and his love affair with the environment, with nature and with others.


Carnival Parade in Ajijic

Fun at the traditional Carnaval Parade in Ajijic, 2019

Carnaval is one of Ajijic’s most entertaining holidays, featuring the town’s traditional masked “sayacas,” who throw flour and chase the kids who taunt them during the town’s seven parades.

Chili Cook-off 2019

41st Anniversary of the Chili Cook-Off

The national Chili Cook-Off in Mexico has been celebrated in the Ribera de Chapala since 1978, Ajijic being the hosting town. This year they will celebrate their 41st Anniversary in a big way!
What started out as a small picnic – like event is now an international event that brings attracts contestants from various countries, and from the north and south of Mexico.
There will also be spicy salsa “Salsa Picante” competitions and margarita (the drink with tequila of course!) competitions. You will as well be able to find local artists and artisans who will exhibit their jewelry, paintings, sculptures and clothes, all accompanied by good music, dance and much more.


Pelicans at Lakeside

Every year on November, the pelicans arrive to the Lake Chapala. These beautiful birds decorate our lake.
Come to the area and enjoy its beauty!

The Three Wise Men Doughnut, A Mexican Tradition

Ajijic is a town with beautiful traditions, and could not miss the celebration of "Dia de Reyes."

The tradition of the Three Wise Men doughnut cutting, dates to the XIV century in France. The way to share it was very different back then: the first piece was for whoever was poor. The next one for the absent, those sent to war. The rest was shared amongst the present.
It is also said that inside the bread, they would put a bean or a coin, and whoever got it would get to be king or queen for a day.
This celebration got to Mexico in the era of the first years of the viceroyalty.
The celebration of The Day of the Wise Men to cut the 3 King’s doughnut is a Mexican tradition that takes place every year amongst family, friends, and co-workers. This celebration represents the appearance of the 3 Wise Men: Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar.
As the majority already know, the tradition is to get together, eat and share the king’s doughnut accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate in remembrance of the 3 Wise Men, a dinner is made at an early hour of the evening so that the children can be present and that way everybody together can cut a slice of doughnut and wait to see who gets the little baby Jesus (a small plastic doll). Whoever has the fortune of getting the doll, must buy tamales on Candlemas day, which is on February 2.


New Year Parade Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico - 2019

New Year’s celebration is very wide ranging in Ajijic, it can be celebrated at home with friends and family, some decide to get together with the neighborhood and throw a big party.
But the fun doesn’t stop there. For the town of Ajijic, the New Year’s parade (January 1st) in the Guadalupe neighborhood has turned into such a tradition, that this will be its 20th year celebrating it. It is realized by a group of persons from “The Six Corners” and “La Villa” neighborhoods. Like it has been mentioned before, Ajijic is a very happy town by nature and this parade is a great representation of it.


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