One of a Kind



Many North Americans are currently enjoying greatly their life here at Lakeside. Peace of mind, tranquil living and happiness come natural with what lakeside has to offer, a year round temperate climate where no heating or A/C is needed, a comfortable life where living of a social security check is possible, making many new friends easily because of the many retirees social organizations, clubs and gatherings and being able to get around by only speaking English are but a few of  the reasons so many decide to make retiring in Lake Chapala their golden dream.

Having many smiles returned during a morning walk portraying the warmth and openness of the locals are just mere examples of what makes this the biggest north American  retirement community in all of Mexico.

Retirement in Mexico can be as grand as you want it to be. Starting a new life with many challenges and at the same time feeling so close to home is what makes lakeside magical.

Most retirees look younger once settled into the area, many lose weight, many get healthier but the vast majority are happier than they ever though they would be once retired.



1-100,000 101,000-200,000
201,000-300,000 301,000-UP

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Dia de la Cruz in Ajijic

On this date (May 3), people adorn the crosses with colorful ribbons and flowers. The altars, the custom of "passing the cross" to another family, the feast of the bricklayers and the oldest crosses, are part of the tradition of Ajijic on this day of the cross. A day of music and beautiful tradition, a holiday!

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